Zach Louw (b.1992) is a self-taught photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa with a penchant for environmental portraits in African urban and rural settings. Zach graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Business Science Marketing with additional majors in Applied Statistics and Economics and currently works at Google as a Digital Marketing Strategist in Ireland.

Zach is an experienced photographer and marketer by trade from Cape Town, South Africa. His photographs have been exhibited in Berlin, Tokyo, Johannesburg and Los Angeles. In 2016, Zach embarked on a joint photographic venture called Everyday Education, celebrating leaders and learners along the Sub-Saharan eastern corridor of Africa. Since the project started, the work has been exhibited in multiple African cities. He is also recognised by the global Instagram community and has garnered following of 90K people around the world. / Instagram: @diaryofzach.



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